Our Core Team

PENTAR was founded in 2017 and is run by a dedicated team of professionals. They unleash their  background in IT management, Business Development and Low Code Software Development.


We develop our own software with low code platform OutSystems, speeding up development by a factor 6 to 8. We work agile delivering additional functionality and client customizations much faster.


Although we strive for standardization we make every environment unique to support you in your quest for competitive advantage in your respective market.


Interested? Contact us for all your questions or enquiries on info@pentar.nl.


Pascal Visser

Former CIO of a major Dutch insurance company, Pascal made the plunge earlier this year to start all over again with Pentar Augmented Reality. For our platform Pascal forms the bridge between the business and the technology. Together we build your business case and deliver the value.


Ersoy Demirel

Proven succesfull IT entrepreneur Ersoy Demirel is the engine when it comes to resources, IT architecture, finance and business development. An unique combination of both technology and business intelligence.


Raymon Lubbers

Raymon is founder of the idea to combine the AR Platforms technical solution to the maritime industry. He builds on years of experience in business development, innovation. He has successfully participated in the PortXL accelerator program.