We offer a Software-as-a-Service Augmented Reality platform to manage and improve processes such as maintenance support, quality control, asset management, inspection and trouble shooting. 


Our aim is to supercharge engineering of all sort by giving them the right knowledge anytime, anywhere in the world. NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!


This way we reduce travel cost substantially, increase troubleshooting accuracy and optimize the operation of assets and equipment. 


The platform is constantly evolving, and so is it's functionality. Today the platform already supports:
  • Remote helpdesk assistance
  • Live video call & shared viewing
  • File sharing
  • Live on-screen drawing
  • Object / character recognition
  • Sensor readout
  • Digital workflows
  • Voice control
  • Remote database access
  • Centralized operating dashboard

Although the use cases are limit less we see immediate value to support your technician on-site. Providing him with all necessary information and the possibility to have a video conference with colleagues all around the world You can see, hear and chat with him in real time, giving him full expert support. 


These features also give you the possibility for live and virtual training for technicians or engineers. As we're logging everything, we can give you insights with real(-time) data.


Our platform operates on iOS and Android and aims to be used on Smart glass, smart phone and tablet. 



We have a solid background in the maritime industry with a focus on optimizing maritime business processes through the use of the possibilities of augmented reality glasses. Our platform was selected by PortXL to attend their acceleration program in 2017 due to the substantial value for the maritime industry.


We use all kinds of smart devices, but we mainly focus on the Vuzix M300 smartglass. Did you know your engineers work 30% more efficient using a pair of smart glasses instead of using a PDF on a laptop. 


No matter where you are in the world, our expertise on your Wi-Fi, 3G/4G or Satellite connection enables you the full use of all oneline features of our platform. We are more than willing to consult on this topic. You'll be suprised about the possibilities.