FEO Augmented Reality selected for PortXL

FEO Augmented Reality gets selected for PORTXL 2017

It all started in November 2016, when we found out that there was an port related start-up program in the Port of Rotterdam. As an Maritime born company, we immediately  undertook action and asked PortXL if we could explain what we believe in: changing the way we support and service vessels


The initial 1750 start-ups we selected down to 20, and after 5 pre-selection meetings during the past couple of months and working very hard at the selection days where we had 20 different conversations with maritime specialists, we our so unbelievably proud to say: WE MADE IT!  


FEO Augmented Reality is part of the 2017 PortXL - World Port Accelerator program


We are very tired, but it was and is a great journey in which we can and will learn more about the maritime industry and the way we can use our GemVision Augmented Reality solution together with Vuzix M300


But, we are not alone of course! 11 other great start-up with great people are also part of the program. Together we will innovate the maritime world in a accelerating way! 


Njord Filtration System


Green Sea Guard

Sagar Defence





Radiant Fleet



We all get access to the wide variety of companies in the Port of Rotterdam, like Van Oord, Vopak Uniper and Boskalis. PortXL offers office space at the ECE campus, test facilities at RDM and all the knowledge of the Rotterdam Port Authority. A team of specialists from EY, Rotterdam Port Fund, Rabobank and InnovationQuarter will coach us over the next three months on areas such as finance and investment.


Want to know more about PORTXL or FEO Augmented Reality please contact us! 


FEO Augmented Reality 



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