Pentar offer a Software-as-a-Service Augmented Reality platform to manage and improve maintenance support, quality control, asset management, inspection and trouble shooting. Our platform operates on iOS and Android and aims to be used on Smartglasses, smartphones and tablets.


Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of our Augmented Reality software and smartglasses, you can access an extra pair of eyes, brains and memory and boost wherever you are in the world. The additional information in front of you gives your brain processing powers that would give Einstein a run for his money.


Our Augmented Reality platform is boosting Collaboration, productivity and efficiency. 


 For example, think of a remote expert who supervises junior engineers on site through videoconferencing. Using Real Time Drawing technology, the expert can literally point out objects in the engineer’s field of vision, write comments or create helpful drawings. Just think of the extra cost efficiency and the possibilities for training on the job!

The smart glasses themselves are a valuable source of information too: using GPS tracking, you have real-time data showing who is where doing what as well as product and error codes. 

Shore supportcenter

We take remote support to another level. We bring shore experts to your vessel in seconds instead of days or hours.  

Errorcode database

Boost your engineers brains by on.- and offline databases which will make them understand the products and services better which improves productivity and accuracy enormous. 

Training on the job

Create competitor advantages by learning your team of maritime engineers quickly and efficient by the use our Augmented Reality software platform. We are the first Augmented Reality platform in the maritime industry.